Transforming the Future of Building and Design

At DK Consultants, we are committed to helping construction companies achieve Digital Transformation using the latest technologies and industry standards. Our services include Digital Transformation and BIM solutions that can improve operations and boost profitability for construction firms.

About Company

Bringing New Business Solutions

DK is a consultancy specialized in designing digital solutions that provide services in BIM, computational design, process optimization, and digital solutions. We focus on collaborating with project owners, architects, contractors, developers, and engineers to enhance the process of designing, building, and operating buildings by utilizing digital tools.

Our expertise is in finding solutions to any problem you encounter. We delve into the core of the issue, comprehending its complexities and subtleties, to aid you in accomplishing your objectives collaboratively.

Recruitment Specialists

Our recruitment specialist division, will supply you with the highest quality people. We pride ourselves in excellent service and fast turn around times to meet your needs. Whatever your requirements, either

  • Permanent
  • Fixed Term Contractors
  • Contracting Consultants

Founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, DK Consultants brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our clients.

VDC & BIM Solutions Powered by Expertise

Whether you need an accurate 3D model, detailed shop drawings, or performance-enhancing
workarounds — Digital Knowledge can help you with affordable VDC and BIM solutions.
Do you want to entrust your project to experts?