It Includes:

BIM Implementation and ISO 19650 certification:

This service can include providing consultancy and roadmap to implement BIM and be ready for ISO 19650 certification and Follow up on the implementation.

BIM Modeling:

This service can include creating and managing 3D models of buildings and infrastructure projects and associated data.

BIM Coordination:

This service can include coordinating the work of different design and construction teams to ensure that all project elements are integrated and consistent.

BIM Collaboration:

This service can include facilitating collaboration and communication between different project stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, and contractors.

BIM Quality Control:

This service can include checking the quality and accuracy of BIM models and data to ensure that they meet industry standards and project requirements.

BIM Facility Management:

This service can include using BIM data to manage and maintain a building or infrastructure project after it has been built.